An Evening At Home

Surprise! This month I’ve uploaded a video again! I rearranged my room at the end of last year and now that everything’s settled I wanted to invite you in for a look. Come hang out with me!

I also wanted to provide some links to where I got some of my art, because I thought people might be interested. This isn’t a complete list because I unfortunately didn’t retain the artist information for some of the prints (I’ve owned some of them for 10+ years), but it’s the best I can do.

The Fool from Yoshi Yoshitani’s Fantasy Tarot

Official Left 4 Dead Blood Harvest Poster (although I think the ones they sell now have a bigger white border, which I don’t like the look of?)

Sarah Wilkinson doesn’t sell my Padme print anymore, but here’s her website.

The Fall (Lee Pace) print by Crunchy Frog Studio — here’s a link to it on their Society6 shop.

Revolutionary Girl Utena print by Etherelle.

My other two Utena prints are by vetiverfox. They don’t sell these anymore, but I love their work, so here’s their website!

I bought my big Van Gogh Almond Blossoms print from the poster merchants that always turned up at my college the first week of fall semester. I know it’s hung the wrong way, but I like it that way.

My lady knight is by Samijen, and they don’t currently seem to have an online store open, but here is their website.

Tempest by Heikala (which you might remember dredged up some feelings and inspired a post from last year).

Small Journey drawing by EiffelArt. He usually just sells originals instead of prints, but here’s his website.

Small waterfront painting by Danelle Malan, another one of a kind, but here’s her site!

It’s not a print, but the small ceramic ghosts are by Aubrey Aiese, here’s her shop!

I also show my pinboards in the video, so here’s just a list of artists I’ve often bought those kinds of little trinkets from:

Rodi (aka @bubblebrow on Twitter).

Riasaur’s shop isn’t live right now, but here’s a link to their Twitter.

Milkbun’s shop.

In this new video I used a small clip from a YouTube video of mine from 2016, a song I wrote called “Hey, Hi, Hello.” I’ve always seen this as one of the better songs I wrote when I was in my songwriting phase, but I also recently remembered the fun fact that it was inspired by my initial interactions with a certain Ghost that I blogged about a few years ago. I linked this in the description of my room video, and figured I should toss it here as well.

I hope you’ve enjoyed hanging out with me via video and I’ll see you next month!

Old Weird YouTube Favorites

I’ve been using YouTube since the year the site opened, and I’m at a point where I have over 400 videos in my favorites playlist. That playlist is hidden, you can’t see it on my channel page because it’s got a weird variety of stuff in it. But I thought it might be fun to go to the start of the playlist, and share some of the videos I favorited so long ago.

Early YouTube was a magical place that I didn’t really appreciate at the time. It was an environment where people felt free to post whatever they wanted regardless of how low production it was, or how weird. So I want to highlight a few of the weird things that made me laugh way back when, and that also still do today.

Here we have a lovely little ditty called “My Hands Are Bananas.” It was published in August of 2006 and is a take on stereotypical German techno/dance/industrial music (but in English). It’s utter hilarious nonsense that my friends and I used to sing back and forth to each other in the lunchroom.

“Go to McDonald – (Earthbound gigyas’s theme RONALDver.)” requires a little background information. Basically, there was a period of time where I was super into watching Japanese commercials and music videos because of a couple of friends I’d made on MSN messenger. Because of those friends I stumbled onto a genre I’d call “remixing songs using Japanese Ronald McDonald commercials.” This particular remix is of the final boss theme from Earthbound, and also includes some video distortion that is quite creepy, so just beware of that. This is another one that my friends and I would reference to each other (especially “daiski daiski daiski daiski,” which starts at 1:20 in the video).

This is called “Slumber Party” and it’s a video that I think about a lot, especially when High School Musical is referenced, which you’ll understand if you watch it. It’s a comedic horror short created by Neil Cicierega, who’s been one of my creative idols since I first discovered his work back in high school. (He’s also the creator of the Potter Puppet Pals and releases music as Lemon Demon, and when I realized all of these things were made by the same person, I was super impressed!) I can’t say too much about this one without totally ruining the suspense/mystery, but it’s only 5 minutes long, what do you have to lose?

And to close us off, I give you “Spiderman’s Epic Battle!” Just watch it. Hopefully you’ll laugh as much as I do.

Share all of your favorite odd YouTube videos with me! I always love to see new things.