A Week of Work Outfits (1/8-1/12/18)

When I was younger I was always super jealous of girls who were able to easily get cute clothes. I’ve been plus size since high school, and back then I just didn’t have the spending money or physical access to fully outfit myself the way that I wanted to. Luckily, I live in the future now and have a job that allows me to pay my bills and also occasionally buy cute clothes. My wardrobe has gotten to a place where I’m pretty pleased with it, and I thought it would be fun to do a series of outfit photos showing what I wear in a typical week at work.

Even though I was planning to do a blog post, I didn’t plan my outfits any more precisely than I normally would’ve. In fact, this turned out to be a week where I had a really bad cold, so I was really just trying to be as comfortable and work appropriate as possible. The cold is the same reason I covered my face in all the pictures — I really looked like an exhausted mess, and spent every day waiting to go home and crawl into bed, lol.

I’ll link what I can (#notspon), but I’ve had some of this clothing for a long time, so it’s not all available anymore.



Welcome to the bathroom at my office! The landlords of our building have been really throttling our heat this winter – no matter how much we fiddle with the thermostats it’s still pretty chilly. So I’ve been trying to dress warmly. This sweater dress is from Torrid’s Outlander collection. It’s maybe a size too big on me, but by the time it arrived it was sold out so I couldn’t exchange it. The bigness really only makes it more snuggly anyway. The weird cloak/cowl thing around the neck is kind of annoying (it also goes around the back and I have a hard time making it lie flat back there), but it’s not too annoying to live with.

I got my boots from Payless two or three years ago. Because I’m plus size and also have short legs for my height, it can be tricky for me to find boots, but these ones are good. My leggings are from Forever 21. I love them so much that I actually have extra brand new pairs in the bottom of my drawer in case they ever discontinue them. I only wash my hair every other night, and I’ll often use headbands to distract people from my greasy hair.



I feel super fortunate to work at a law firm that allows us to wear jeans and sneakers! My top is one I bought at Torrid during the summer – it has a cute lace detail on the shoulders and upper back, but you can’t see because of my cardigan, which is from Forever 21. I’m wearing a basic grey tank top from Walmart under my shirt because while the shirt isn’t see thru, it is a sliiightly more low cut than is office appropriate. I wore a pair of my favorite Torrid jeans. It was very cold this particular week, so I would’ve worn sneakers with this outfit instead of these Walmart flats, but we had a client coming in, so I figured I should wear more professional shoes.



On this day we were hosting a meeting with a bunch of attorneys from other offices (a deposition, if you’re down with law lingo). So I figured even though I was sneezing like crazy, I should dress up a little. None of the attorneys ever told me that I should look nice for depositions, but I figure that a lot of times I’m the only staff member that visitors will really see, so if I look good, it makes the firm look good. Dresses and leggings are my go-to for looking nice at work, because it’s just very comfortable, while still being presentable. Here I’m wearing an old dress from Torrid, another pair of the leggings I mentioned above, and the Walmart flats again. The pinned back hair is another way I make my hair look nice when it needs a wash.



This is just a basic casual work outfit. These jeans are the same Torrid jeans I wore earlier in the week, only in grey. My top is from Torrid as well. I didn’t realize until I uploaded the picture to my computer, but the thin horizontal black and white stripes photograph horribly (or create “noise,” to use a term I learned in my college TV production classes). So sorry if this picture is hurting your eyes, lol. My sweater is an oldie from Forever 21 and my Converse are actually cheap knockoffs from Target.



Finally! We’ve survived the week. I was just super worn out by this point from illness and general work stuff, so I picked an outfit that was as close to pajamas as humanly possibly. Here again we have Forever 21 leggings and the Walmart flats. This cute, bird print dress is the only thing I’ve ever bought from Asos and it’s very comfortable. My half ponytail is probably the hairstyle I use the most on hairwashing days.

So that’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into my wardrobe. I definitely think it was a fun idea, and I’ll probably do another one in the spring or summer, to show off the warm weather side of my work wardrobe, so stay tuned for that!

Forest Green Torrid Haul

As a plus size woman, it can be tough to find clothes that I like. For the past couple of years Torrid has seriously been my jam, ever since I got a job that allowed me to have some free money after my bills. Because let’s face it, quality clothing costs more money, but also plus size women also pay a sort of “fat tax” in the sense that many of our options cost more money than similar straight size options. I’m assuming this is because companies know they can get away with it because of our overall lack of options. For instance, one time a few years ago, I was looking at plus size jeans on Old Navy’s website (because like many retailers they don’t carry their extended sizes in physical stores) and I realized they cost TWICE AS MUCH as as the straight size jeans. To say I was livid is an understatement.

But I digress. This is a post about some of my recent Torrid purchases. I had some Haute Cash coupons so I treated myself to a few things. It wasn’t until I started to receive my items in the mail that I realized that I had accidentally only purchased items that were forest green. I’m not complaining — I like the color, and it looks good on me, especially because my hair is usually some reddish color. But I just thought it was a funny coincidence! So here’s what I got!


First up we have the Plaid Print Embroidered Tunic Top! I had concerns about the neck being too low to wear to work, but it’s not. I also had concerns that the elastic under the bust wouldn’t be flattering on me, because sometimes a detail like that isn’t, but it turned out fine! For reference, I bought this top in Torrid’s size 2, which is supposedly somewhere around the average 2X. I’d say the fit is pretty good, not too large.


The back dips a little as well, but not as low as some other tops I’ve seen from Torrid. I styled this with one of my favorite pairs of jeans (also from Torrid) and some flats, which you can’t see, because I’m still figuring out how to photograph outfits by myself. My office allows us to wear jeans, so this would definitely be a good work outfit for me! But the top covers my butt, so I’d definitely feel comfortable wearing it with a pair of leggings on the weekend as well.


If you’re wondering where the “embroidery” part of the name comes from, look no further than the little bit of lacy nonsense along the collar and next to the buttons.


Next we have the Olive Cinched Front Jersey Fluted Skater Dress. God I’m glad this isn’t a video, that’d be a real mouthful! This is another one that I got in size 2, and it’s a little loose, but also sometimes Torrid’s clothes in this material shrink a little in the wash. We’ve got another v-neck here, but once again, it’s not too low to wear to work without a tank top underneath. I’ve paired it with a pair of my favorite basic Forever 21+ leggings, but I’d say it’s almost too long to wear with leggings without looking a little weird. But, again, I’m expecting this to shrink a little, and also if I want to get any wear out of this before spring, I’m gonna need leggings under it (assuming NJ actually gets to have winter this year with all this damn global warming).


Speaking of wearing things with this dress — I definitely would wanna wear a cardigan with this for work. That cutout in the back isn’t low enough to show my bra, but it’s still big enough to feel a little risky for a professional setting. A lot of Torrid’s clothes seem to have this problem where the front will look totally nice, and then the back is super low, or cutout, or made of strings or lace, which I’m super not into, because for the most part I prefer for my bra to not show in my clothes.


You can’t see it in any of the other pictures, but I paired this dress with a gold headband I have that I got at Icing awhile ago. I just really love green and gold together!


This is probably my favorite thing I got — they call it the Olive Green Jersey Knit Button Front Shirt Dress. I’ve bought and loved a bunch of tops from Torrid in a style similar to this (they usually call it a babydoll top) so naturally I jumped on this when I saw it, especially in this color! I picked this up in a 2, but probably wear a 1 because the neckline is kind of scoop-y and the fabric is kind of loose. I kept wearing it for the rest of the day after I photographed this haul and repeatedly noticed my bra was sticking out a little because it had slid around / down. I’d forgotten that this was an issue with 1 or 2 of the babydoll tops I own, or else I probably would’ve sized down when I purchased this. But it’s not really that bad, and still cute, so I’m not sending it back!


I think this would be a cute dress for a date! It’s nice and flowy, and not too over the top. I matched it with some tights and my favorite pair of boots. I pulled my hair into a half ponytail, because it’s a cute style on me. (But you can’t see it because, again, I didn’t frame my photos that great. I’ll do better next time!)

Lastly I bought a couple of things that you won’t get to see me try on (unless you are a cute, nice guy from northeastern NJ, in that case, hit me up and let’s be friends and maybe date).


First up we have this Microfiber Mesh Back Hipster Panty. Ever since I discovered them this spring, I’ve been slowly amassing a collection of different colors of these to use for my “sexy” underwear. Previously I did have underwear that I felt okay about guys seeing, but nothing that I felt was really flirty or sexy. Not being in the Victoria’s Secret demographic really has cut me out of a lot of what I would consider lingerie and not just underwear. But on a whim I bought a couple of pairs of Torrid’s stretchy lacy hipster panties in the spring when I had a coupon just to try them, because I was in a relationship and wanted something new and nice to show off, and to my surprise I liked them. And then I got dumped, so no man has actually seen me in a pair of these, but who cares. I still wear them once or twice a week just to do a little something nice for myself.


This is a lot of talk about a pair of underwear, but hear me out. I thought the lace or the see- through mesh back might be scratchy, but they’re not, just soft and stretchy. I thought the microfiber might feel weird on my parts, but it doesn’t because these are actually lined with cotton. I still don’t wear them more than a day in a row, because there’s microfiber on the other side of that lining and lady parts need cotton to breathe and be healthy. They do sometimes ride up the butt a little, probably because of that ruching you can see in the middle there, but it’s not too bad. I love this style of underwear and when I saw it in this color, I had to snatch it up. I wear a 3 in these, if you were wondering.


And finally, the last item, a bra to match that underwear. Say hello to my favorite bra, Torrid’s Lace and Microfiber Sexy T-Shirt Bra! I don’t usually wear matching underwear — it just feels weird somehow so I tend to mix and match. So I may not ever wear this with the matching bottoms. But again, it’s a thing that I like in a color that I like, so I wanted to have it. Plus, this spring I was faced with the fact that I had mysteriously lost 10 pounds since the previous spring and as a result my bras were fitting horribly. I’m still slowly replacing my bras with ones that actually fit when there’s sales or I have coupons. (Why are bras so expensive???)

I tend to prefer a “t-shirt” style bra, because the cups are generally smoother under shirts. But a lot of t-shirt bras are freaking boring! I used to buy bras at Lane Bryant and yes their t-shirt bras came in patterns (which I usually thought were ugly anyway), but they never had any frills or lace or anything (and their bras that had that stuff were not a good fit for my boob shape). So I love Torrid’s t-shirt bras because I get to have my smooth cup, but there’s still a little bit of lace for fun!

So that’s it! I didn’t mean to buy all of these green clothes, but I’m excited to wear them out and about. Thanks for reading!

— Krys

(None of the links are affiliate links [obviously]. I just wanted to share where you could get this stuff if you were interested!)