I’m Krys (short for Krystal). I’m 26 and hail from ye olde New Jersey. I’m a YouTube video devourer (and increasingly infrequent maker), as well as a voracious reader, a fabulous plus sized woman who likes playing with makeup, and a lapsed writer who hopes to start writing consistently again (hence this blog).

I don’t have a particular theme in mind for this endeavor beyond “My Honest Thoughts.” I know for sure I’ll be covering topics that I feel aren’t right for videos, or would be too complicated to film, or that I want to talk about, but know I’ll never get around to vlogging. Beyond that, anything is fair game.

I consider myself to be kind of a jack of all trades and a master of none ( I know a little about a lot of different things), so it really is up in the air what I may wind up typing out, but hopefully you’ll find it interesting. And if nothing else, I’ll have this as a journal of sorts.

(All of my pictures import into posts comically large. I’ll resize this later. Maybe.)