My Face Scrubs and Masks!

Welcome to the face scrubs and masks follow up I promised in my skincare routine post from the end of November! My whole skin history doesn’t really need to be explained here. If you want that, take a look at my previous post.


I’m really bad at remembering to use physical exfoliators on my face, but when I do, I pick from one of these as the mood strikes. The Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub is nice, but it’s not got as many gritty bits in it as I’d like, so I won’t be repurchasing it. It could be nice for someone who likes more of a gentle scrubbing. The St. Ives Apricot Scrub is an old favorite of mine, and this blemish control version is definitely more helpful for my oily, acne-prone skin than the regular version. It definitely scrubs very strongly. My skin feels very soft and nice once I rinse if off. The apricot makes it smell quite nice too! Sometimes I’ll use this as a body scrub as well, and it’s fairly good at that.

However, my favorite texture for a scrub is what I’ve seen called a “microdermabrasion” scrub. The texture is not supposed to be as damaging as a scrub with big chunky bits, but the thick texture has so many teeny tiny bits in it that I feel like my skin feels even softer and more exfoliated than using a scrub that’s technically more exfoliating / has bigger chunkier bits. These little samples here (from Lancer and Kate Somerville) that I got in a couple of Sephora Play boxes are ones that I’ve been carefully rationing out in between using other scrubs because they’re pricey. A more budget option that I really like is the Pink Lemon & Mandarin scrub from St. Ives, and I’ll probably purchase that one once I use up all of the scrubs I already have.


And now, a personal favorite thing of mine, face masks!

The Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask is one of my favorite things, for a few reasons. Firstly, it feels tingly and cooling and wonderful — definitely a nice mask to use on a hot summer night. Secondly, it only has to sit on your face for five minutes to get the job done. There’s been plenty of times I’ve used this in a rushed panic right before a date when I’ve felt like my skin isn’t exactly up to par, lol. Thirdly, it’s loaded with benzoyl peroxide, a known acne killer. However, benzoyl does stain/bleach fabrics (I’ve damaged a couple of pillowcases using a benzoyl-based spot treatment), so I’ll only use it before I take a shower, or in the shower if I’m using it as a face wash instead. It’s good stuff.

Next in line is Innisfree’s Super Volcanic Pure Clay Mask, which I bought after YouTuber heyitsfeii recommended it. It’s almost like a poor man’s version of the famous Glamglow Supermud mask, which I bought as a birthday gift for myself earlier this year and loved, but can’t justify re-purchasing because of the price. The Innisfree mask is just about as good as the Glamglow was at clearing my pores. I really like it a lot! Sometimes it can be a little overly drying for my skin, but I just moisturize extra afterwards if my skin is feeling tight.

I don’t know why I included that Sephora Play sample of Boscia’s Pore Pudding in this picture, except that it looks kind of cool. It’s alright, but I like other masks better. And it’s got that same herbal scent that a lot of Boscia’s products do, that I’m not too crazy about. Another mask that I’ve got here that I think is just okay is that Birth of Venus jelly mask from Lush. It smells nice, and makes my skin feel nice, but using the jelly mask has turned out to be a huge fucking pain in the ass. It’s so fussy to apply, and difficult to get an even coat on my face.

Peter Thomas Roth’s Irish Moor Mud is an all time favorite mask of mine. It’s pricey, but it takes me a year or more to go through a tub of it, so I can justify it (unlike the Glamglow, which is pricey, but disappears seemingly instantly, lol). The Irish Moor Mud has lots of good clearing stuff in it, like clay and charcoal, but the mask is a super soft whipped sort of texture and doesn’t dry down completely, so it’s not too drying for the skin.

And finally, this Suction Black Mask I found on Amazon. It’s sort of like one of those Biore strips for your nose that pulls out all the gunk, but you can easily apply it anywhere on your face. My big gross pores are not just on my nose, but stretch across most of the upper part of my cheeks, and pore strips don’t cover all that real estate, and also just don’t always fit my nose very well in general. I’ll put this on after a shower, so that my pores are extra open from all the steam. It’s kind of grossly satisfying to peel this mask of and check out all the gunk that comes out of your pores. I’ve tried a few different masks like this, but this one is my favorite so far, and the first one of its type that I’d actually buy again.

So that’s it! I hope you’ve found all this skincare babble interesting. What face masks and scrubs do you guys like? My general daily skincare is pretty pinned down, but I’m always looking for new things to try when it comes to scrubs and masks!


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